Alibaba renews strategy reset to revive growth momentum

Alibaba has been grappling with sluggish growth in the face of a cooling Chinese economy and rising competition from upstarts such as PDD Holdings and ByteDance’s short-video app Douyin. How is the e-commerce giant responding to these challenges?

Of spring and wild vegetables in Jiangsu

Writer Shen Jialu takes us through the various wild vegetables available in certain parts of China, with their unique flavours and associated dishes. Truly, there is nothing like a robust dish made with all natural ingredients.
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Iran's decision to escalate shadow war risks even greater miscalculations

Academic Alessandro Arduino notes the significant escalation and risk of conflict expansion brought about by Iran’s latest attack on Israel. If it was hard for China to do more than urge restraint in the past, it would be harder now to do so with Iran’s decision to escalate the shadow war.

Deteriorating legal order: US-China rivalry and the challenge to WTO rules

Academic Wang Jiangyu opines that the World Trade Organization (WTO)’s power has been declining, given that its appellate body’s ability to hear the disputes brought forward by member states has been at a standstill since 2019. So what does it mean for China to initiate dispute settlement proceedings against the US through the WTO?

China’s EV market: Rapid development amid slowing sales

Chinese automakers have made improvements in production and quality of electric vehicles (EVs), leading to a growing number of people who are purchasing EVs. However, convincing people to make the switch is not easy, as sceptics still have reasons for holding on to their fuel vehicles.
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Are foreign Chinese spouses disadvantaged under Malaysia's immigration policies?

Malaysia has implemented several changes to its visa restrictions in order to encourage more foreigners to invest and reside in the country. However, obstacles remain aplenty in the process of permanent residency applications for foreign spouses, despite having set up roots and having families in the country. Lianhe Zaobao correspondent Seoow Juin Yee looks into the matter.

'World’s factory' status threatened as supply chain shifts away from China

Even as China seeks to maintain its position as the “world’s factory”, globalisation means that companies are seeking to diversify their operations, and are shifting away from China in favour of alternatives. Commentator Jin Jian Guo delves into this trend.

Indonesia's Prabowo solidifying domestic legitimacy with visits to China, Japan and Malaysia

A defence minister’s courtesy calls take on a different significance, albeit only slightly, when he will take over as Indonesia’s president in a matter of months.

Ma Ying-jeou built a bridge, would William Lai cross it?

US academic Zhu Zhiqun opines that although Ma Ying-jeou built a bridge for future cross-strait dialogue and exchange through his recent visit to mainland China, how cross-strait relations will develop in the next few years largely hinges on Taiwan's president-elect William Lai’s decision.

The legal and ethical considerations of 'resurrecting' the dead with AI

Recent AI-generated videos of deceased celebrities have sparked heated debate on whether it is ethical or legal to use the likeness of famed personalities in such videos. Lianhe Zaobao’s China Desk looks into the recent trend of “resurrecting” the dead and the implications.

Xi Jinping's conundrum fixing the Chinese economy

Japanese academic Toshiya Tsugami notes that even as China's economy is facing a difficult time, the Chinese government's efforts to prevent the bubble from bursting might in fact be having the opposite effect in the long run, and the more important thing is to fix structural problems.

How to understand Iran’s attack on Israel?

Although its consulate was attacked, military retaliation was not Iran's first choice against its enemy, opines Chinese academic Fan Hongda. In the absence of a peaceful resolution to the dispute, it has no choice but to retaliate militarily against Israel. In this way, Iran launched an attack on Israel on 14 April.

Rising cryptocurrency appeal in China despite ban and escalating restrictions

In times of economic uncertainty, the allure of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is stronger, despite China’s ban on cryptocurrency trading and mining since 2021. In some cases, it might even be a means for wealth transfer. NUS academic Ben Charoenwong discusses the issue.

How billions in Bitcoin laundered from China ended up in British hands

A high roller from the UK has been found to have participated in what the British Metropolitan police described as the largest Bitcoin money laundering case in UK history, resulting in the seizure of 61,000 bitcoins, now worth approximately 31 billion RMB.

Xi-Ma meeting: Can Chinese ethnic sentiments bridge the gap between Taiwan and the mainland?

As an advocate of the 1992 Consensus, former Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou has always been in support of “one China, different interpretations”. However, during his recent trip to mainland China, he continually emphasised the common Chinese ethnicity, perhaps to rouse China’s sentiments.

Jack Ma's reappearance energises Chinese internet and investors: Will Alibaba rise again?

Jack Ma recently sent out an internal memo, affirming Alibaba’s reforms and organisational restructuring, stating that the company has returned to a healthy growth track. Meanwhile, reports suggest that Ma, having returned from obscurity, is once again deeply involved in strategic decisions. Will this be Alibaba’s foray back to the top? Lianhe Zaobao’s China Desk tells us more.

[Video] China's brewing coffee culture

From diverse specialty blends to a new university programme in Coffee Science and burgeoning cafe scenes across the country, coffee has evolved from an exotic import to an integral part of China's food and beverage culture. With a penchant for ambience and novelty, coffee aficionados in China are reshaping the nation's coffee scene.
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