OpenAI's Sora causing 'AI anxiety' in China

With the advent of AI text-to-video model Sora developed by OpenAI, it seems that China’s tech sector is getting nervous and looking at how to close the gap with the US, which is set to get bigger if China is unable to create its own similar technology.

[Video] How are China’s youths spending their money?

Amid a challenging economic landscape, China’s youths (aged 16-24) are grappling with a 14.9% unemployment rate as of December 2023. Feeling the impact, the younger generation has made saving a top priority and are reevaluating their spending habits. This shift has seen them transition from "wild spending" to "reverse spending", from "impulsive consumption" to "rational spending", and from "revenge spending" to "experiential consumption". Here's a glimpse into how they are navigating this change.
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Chinese pharma turns to global deals to cure capital crunch

The uptick in recent deals and global pharmaceutical giants’ growing interests in novel drug development in China has invigorated the industry, yet not without underlying concerns.

Between Shanghai and Hong Kong: Blossoms Shanghai as a tale of two cities

Academic Ying Zhu observes that in Blossoms Shanghai directed by Wong Kar-wai, Shanghai is vivid, vibrant and evocative of both the glamour of a colonial Hong Kong and the hustle and bustle of a gilded age Shanghai. The TV drama speaks of the historical relationship between the two cities, and when the bright lights have dimmed, the ruins of the spectacle and the broken dreams. If geopolitical reshuffling in recent years has diminished Hong Kong’s lustre as a first-tier global city and the link between China and the rest of the world, what does the future have in store for Shanghai?
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Myanmar’s crisis set to be drawn-out struggle

The situation in Myanmar is expected to be a drawn-out struggle, with the extension of the state of emergency, and the opposition groups gaining strength and occupying more townships. Researcher Hein Khiang notes that the Myanmar issue is also troubling for the international community, especially for China and ASEAN, both of which could play a role in resolving the situation.

How China and India are handling Myanmar's crisis three years on

In the three years since the coup in Myanmar, the country’s northern border with China has become an economic and strategic challenge to Beijing’s interests, while India is faced with the biggest humanitarian and security crisis, with refugees entering India posing an immediate security challenge.

Younger and better educated migrant workers still having hard time in China

Chinese academic Han Heyuan notes that new-generation migrant workers in China are at a clear disadvantage, due to policies and systems that make it doubly hard for them to get jobs, training, and education for their children, or even find a partner.

Taiwan’s crucial role in Southeast Asia’s semiconductor rush

Southeast Asian countries like Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore are welcoming shifts in the semiconductor supply chain with Taiwan’s TSMC at its heart. Academics Karl Lee Chee Leong and Nur Shahadah Jamil examine the issue.

[Big read] Will Taiwan ban TikTok and Douyin for fear of mainland China's influence?

Lianhe Zaobao correspondent Miao Zong-Han notes that as TikTok and Douyin grow in popularity in Taiwan, there are concerns about mainland China’s influence in terms of cultural invasion. Is this really a "subtle" way to guide society towards eventual reunification, or is it just pure entertainment for young people?

Wave of military purges in PLA unlikely to be over

The recent purge of top men from China’s military may go on for longer yet, says Taiwanese academic Wen-hsuan Tsai. Whether it is to rein in the military top brass or to root out elements of corruption, the continued purges show that President Xi Jinping’s grip on power continues to be strong.

Capsizing incident highlights fierce competition between Kinmen and Xiamen fishermen

The waters around Kinmen have long been coveted by fishermen from both sides of the Taiwan Strait for the priceless yellow croakers. However, the recent capsizing of a mainland Chinese fishing boat has sparked a fresh round of tension, with the mainland public dissatisfied with the Taiwan authorities’ fishing restrictions against mainland fishermen. Lianhe Zaobao correspondent Woon Wei Jong speaks with the local fishermen in Kinmen to find out more.

More Chinese EV brands to falter as market realigns

China’s electric vehicle (EV) market has seen a slew of bad news this year, with issues coming from car owners and manufacturers. While the sector is going through a necessary rite of passage for emerging industries, this is also a crucial test of whether the EV industry can uplift itself and adapt with the changing times. Lianhe Zaobao correspondent Chen Jing tells us more.

Pragmatism shall rule in China's 2024 international relations playbook

Amid China’s top diplomat Wang Yi’s stern warnings against “de-sinicisation in the name of de-risking” at the recent Munich Security Conference, academic Alessandro Arduino asks: is China prepared to alter its international relations playbook?

Ravi Menon: Expect even more changes as new economic structure emerges

In the third of Lianhe Zaobao’s Future 365 interview series, Lianhe Zaobao business editor Shen Yue speaks to former Monetary Authority of Singapore chief Ravi Menon, who gives his views on how the global economy will change over the next decade, and how mindsets should shift accordingly.

[Video] Yingge, 'Heroes’ Song': China’s ancient warrior dance

With painted faces and elaborate costumes, Yingge (英歌) performers stride and dance with power and vigour to the rhythmic beat of pounding drums. The fusion of opera, dance and martial arts culminates in an artistically distinct performance that is a part of China’s intangible cultural heritage.

China’s 'Two Mountains' framework: Varied responses from Southeast Asia

China has long been propagating its “Two Mountains” concept and has expanded it into the Green Silk Road concept as a sustainable climate governance framework. But many Southeast Asian countries have tailored the concept according to their own needs.
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