Alex Fergnani

Alex Fergnani

PhD candidate, NUS Business School

Alex is a PhD candidate in Management and Organisation at NUS Business School who has been awarded the President's Graduate Fellowship. He is also head of scenario consulting at the strategic foresight consultancy Shaping Tomorrow. Alex conducts research on corporate foresight, foresight methodologies, and the futures of work. His research has been
published in the journals Academy of Management Perspectives, Futures, Futures & Foresight Science, Foresight, and World Futures Review, among others. Alex is also
an associate editor at World Futures Review and regularly gives futures and scenario planning workshops globally.

Ethnic Uighur demonstrators take part in a protest against China and its treatment of Uighurs in Xinjiang, in Istanbul, Turkey, 1 October 2020. (Murad Sezer/REUTERS)

How terrorism against China in the Middle East could develop

In a recent study conducted by the Central European Institute of Asian Studies and the National University of Singapore Business School, four key scenarios were plotted out with regards to possible terrorism-related threats against China in the Middle East. The findings show that China’s level of investment in the region as well as the stability of local regimes will play deciding roles in determining the severity of the threat. What policy options does China have? Barbara Kelemen and Alex Fergnani have the details.