Ang Yuen Yuen

Ang Yuen Yuen

Political Scientist

Yuen Yuen Ang is an Andrew Carnegie Fellow for “high-caliber scholarship on the most pressing issues of our times," and a professor of political science at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. On China, her expertise lies in the politics of development, adaptive governance, and China’s rising global role. She is the author of How China Escaped the Poverty Trap, and the forthcoming (May 2020) China’s Gilded Age: the Paradox of Economic Boom & Vast Corruption. For more background, visit

The health and political threats posed by the coronavirus outbreak is far more serious than SARS. In this photo taken in Guilin on the second day of the Chinese New Year (26 Jan), people are seen wearing masks on empty streets during an especially quiet festive season this year. (CNS)

Why the political fallout from Covid-19 is more serious than SARS

Political scientist Ang Yuen Yuen concludes that given time and circumstance, there is a much higher political price to pay for Covid-19 in the 2020s compared to SARs in the 2000s.