Artyom Lukin

Associate Professor, School of Regional and International Studies, Far Eastern Federal University, Vladivostok

Artyom Lukin is an associate professor at the School of Regional and International Studies of Far Eastern Federal University in Vladivostok. His research interests include Russia-China relations, Russia-North Korea relations, Russia-Japan relations and Russia-South Korea relations. He also works on strategic security in Northeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific, the Russian Far East, and Russia and the geopolitics of climate change.

A newsagent picks up magazines next to a mural by Italian urban artist Salvatore Benintende aka "TV BOY" depicting a girl painting a peace symbol on an Ukraine's flag, reading "Hope" in Barcelona, Spain, on 30 April 2022. (Pau Barrena/AFP)

Russian academic: Whose ideology will rule an emerging 21st century world?

Amid a changing global order, Russian academic Artyom Lukin analyses the different ideologies of the US, China and Russia and explains why it would be hasty to lump Russia and China in one camp or to dismiss the similarities between the US and Russia. In the end, the ideology that rules the emerging new world may not even be that of any of the three countries.