Bram Barclay

Bram Barclay


Bram Barclay is a photojournalist whose work has appeared in the London Review of Books, Sixth Tone, The Huffington Post, The Diplomat and others. He is currently reading a DPhil at the School of Overseas and Global Area Studies, University of Oxford. He is conducting ethnographic research into mental health in China. Barclay also writes in Chinese. Follow him on Instagram: @barclaybram

Mountain loads to cover before the gaokao. (STR/AFP)

In China, you are your score

Bram Barclay points out that the frenetic, results-based model of Chinese education must change if future generations are to reap the benefits of a true education.
Surveillance capitalism allows data on our activities to be gathered and shared. (iStock)

Is China becoming the world’s most sophisticated surveillance regime?

China will be implementing the social credit system in 2020. Seen as a form of mass surveillance build on big data technology, many are concerned that this will threaten human autonomy and aggravate human rights issues. Will China become the world's most sophisticated surveillance regime? Bram Barclay discusses this through the book "The age of surveillance capitalism".
Fully Automated Luxury Communism (FALC) by Aaron Bastani explores the future of human work.

A fully automated luxury communism for China’s future?

Every month, anthropologist Bram Barclay discusses a book or concept and how it relates to contemporary China.