Bu Shaoying

Bu Shaoying

Assistant research fellow, Research Centre for Maritime Silk Road, National Institute for South China Sea Studies

Bu Shaoying is an assistant research fellow at the Research Centre for Maritime Silk Road of the National Institute for South China Sea Studies. He obtained his master’s degree in International Public Policy from University College London. His research interests are international development studies and China’s foreign policy.

A train on the Trans-Eurasia Express under the China Railway Express, leaving a logistics centre in Chongqing, 27 July 2021. (CNS)

Can the West's infrastructure plans rival China's BRI?

Recently, the West has proposed infrastructure plans in developing countries in a clear bid to rival China’s BRI. Chinese academic Bu Shaoying thinks that while it may be difficult for the West to succeed in achieving their ambitious plans, China and the West should consider working together, and turn competition into a win-win situation.