Cai Enze

Media commentator

Cai Enze was previously a party secretary in a department with the People's Liberation Army. He was among the first batch of university students who took the national exam (gaokao) after the Cultural Revolution, and joined politics after graduation, taking on posts including party secretary and mayor. After his retirement, he took on various positions, including being a commentator of online policy for the Chinese government. He now writes for, financial media, and new media. He is currently the chief analyst for Jingsu Media (晶苏传媒).

In this photo taken on 3 February 2020, a woman wearing a mask is seen on a bridge in front of the financial district of Pudong, Shanghai, China, as the country is hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. (Aly Song/Reuters)

China will have too many mask-making factories

China is estimated to be making 200 million masks daily and may have too many mask-making factories in the near future. Chinese commentator Cai Enze envisages the likely scenario facing these enterprises scrambling to turn a quick profit out of mask manufacturing. Looking at the statistics, the world needs to better coordinate how these masks can reach pandemic-stricken countries in dire need of masks.
Blackstone's acquisition of SOHO China is a win-win for both sides. (Brendan McDermid/REUTERS)

Blackstone's acquisition of SOHO China: A win-win deal

Cai Enze analyses the anticipated gains of American private equity investment company Blackstone taking Chinese property developer SOHO China private. ThinkChina also takes a look at SOHO, and the high-profile couple behind it.