Chen Lifang

Chen Lifang

Corporate Senior Vice-President and Director of the Board, Huawei

Chen Lifang joined Huawei in 1995 and has served as chief representative of the Beijing Representative Office, vice-president of the International Marketing Department, deputy director of the Domestic Marketing Management Office, a member of the Board, president of the Public Affairs and Communications Department, and corporate senior vice-president.  

People walk past a Huawei logo during the Consumer Electronics Expo in Beijing in this file photo taken on 2 August 2019. (Fred Dufour/AFP)

Huawei senior executive: Trust matters in the post-pandemic digital age

Chen Lifang, corporate senior vice-president and board director, Huawei, delivered a speech at the St. Gallen Symposium themed ‘Truth Matters’. At the virtual session, she stressed that standards and regulations will be two of the most visible embodiments of the interaction between society and technology in a highly digitalised, post-pandemic world. Common regulations and standards will build trust; the more widely they are adopted, the more effective they will be. Is it possible for humankind to build trust across cyberspace and international borders, and work together to construct the future global economy?