Dirk Nimmegeers

Dirk Nimmegeers

Editor, Chinasquare, China Vandaag

Dirk Nimmegeers from Belgium is editor of www.chinasquare.be and China Vandaag, the media of the Belgium China Friendship Association. He also publishes in China Eye, magazine of the Society for Anglo Chinese Understanding (SACU).

A woman in Prague walks past a poster of the late Li Wenliang, a Chinese ophthalmologist who tried to raise the alarm about COVID-19 and later died from it, March 27, 2020. (David W Cerny/REUTERS)

Can a messed up world fight the pandemic together?

Did China make up the numbers? Did it waste precious time before getting information out to the world? Belgian writers Ng and Dirk answer these questions and opine that instead of knuckling down and fighting the pandemic together, everyone, from countries to regional blocs to international organisations, seems to have been shell-shocked into “safe-distancing” from each other. This means that the virus is not only attacking our health, economies and mental resilience, but the very international institutions that have been built up since the end of WWII. If a lot of that debilitation has to do with the China threat writ large, it is too high a price to pay. To reverse this dire trend, the world must look beyond finger-pointing and think long and hard about how it will go on once this storm passes.
A boy rides past a supportive sign posted on a storefront in San Francisco, California on 01 April 2020, during the Covid-19 outbreak. (Josh Edelson/AFP)

Trump's America needs to ditch the blame game

Belgian writers Ng and Nimmegeers point out that the only thing much worse than possibly holding racist views, is to be aware of likely controversy yet politicise race issues anyway to deflect blame for the tardiness of the government. They believe that the Trump administration needs to stop playing the blame game and start on a sincere path of health cooperation with China, to tackle the pandemic today and any other global challenges tomorrow.