Fiona Huang

Fiona Huang

Research Analyst, Global Studies Institute Hong Kong

Fiona Huang graduated from Bocconi University. She is a research analyst at the Global Studies Institute Hong Kong, an independent thinktank based in Hong Kong. Her research focuses on sustainable investing and financial regulations, with particular interest in policies for long-term developments.

A taxi drives along a road before the city skyline in Hong Kong on 15 August 2020. (Isaac Lawrence/AFP)

A reshuffle of global financial centres on the cards?

Research analyst Fiona Huang argues that globalisation has a huge part to play in building global financial centres. If basic prerequisites such as close cooperation with regulators and market stability are met, the next-level condition for a flourishing global financial centre is an open attitude towards global capital and culture. How will the changing political milieu around the world today lead to a reshuffle of global financial centres?