Gatra Priyandita

Gatra Priyandita

Analyst, International Cyber Policy Centre, Australian Strategy Policy Institute

Gatra Priyandita is an analyst at the International Cyber Policy Centre of the Australian Strategy Policy Institute, where he leads a project researching cyber-enabled IP theft. His research interests include Indonesian foreign policy and Southeast Asian security.


Southeast Asian governments have to step up cybersecurity and IP law enforcement. (Dado Ruvic/Reuters)

Southeast Asia should confront the threat of economic espionage from China and elsewhere

China is known for using cyber weapons to pursue geostrategic goals. In recent years, entities linked to the Chinese state have carried out alleged economic espionage of commercial firms in Southeast Asia. The region is increasingly vulnerable as it is home to some of the most rapidly growing knowledge-intensive sectors in the world. To help themselves, Southeast Asian governments should be more proactive in discussing the threat of economic espionage with foreign states and committing to norms of responsible state behaviour in cyberspace.