Ghulam Ali

Ghulam Ali

Deputy Director, Hong Kong Research Center for Asian Studies

Dr Ghulam Ali is the deputy director of the Hong Kong Research Center for Asian Studies (RCAS). He received a PhD from Monash University, Australia, and a postdoctoral degree from Peking University, Beijing. His published books include Pakistan's Foreign Policy: Contemporary Developments and Dynamics (ed.) (2022) and Crossing the Himalayas: Buddhist Ties, Regional Integration and Great-Power Rivalry (eds.) (2022), and he has written various articles published in Social Sciences Citation Index (SSCI) and Scopus indexes. His research focus is on the Asia-Pacific, China and the Gulf states. He is captivated by the rapid advancement in artificial intelligence and its profound impact on human life.


A picture taken on 18 January 2024 shows people on a street in Jeddah's oldest neighbourhood, known as Al-Balad, in Saudi Arabia. (AFP)

Saudi-China relations growing from strength to strength

Relations between Saudi Arabia and China have grown from strength to strength, observes academic Ghulam Ali. However, with China focused on economic cooperation and the Riyadh regime concerned about stability and thus reliant on the US for its security needs, there may be limits to how far the Riyadh-Beijing relationship can grow.