Goh Chye Tee

Goh Chye Tee

Director and Consultant Physician, NTU Chinese Medicine Clinic, School of Biological Sciences, Nanyang Technological University

Dr Goh studied traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) when he served as an accounting professor at NTU. He obtained his Registered TCM Physician qualification and a PhD from Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine in China. Thereafter, he provided free consultations at community clinics and also served as a member of the Accreditation Committee and an Examiner at the Singapore TCM Practitioners Board in the Ministry of Health, Singapore. He made keynote presentations at international conferences on Traditional Medicine, and was an International Peer Reviewer in a WHO project on the ‘Standardisation of Traditional Chinese Medicine’. He now practices as a Consultant Physician in the NTU clinic focusing on pain management and chronic gastritis treatments. His research interest includes acupuncture for tumors, effects of Taiji practice for healthcare, modernisation of TCM, and application of TCM philosophy for better life management.


This picture taken on 30 April 2020 shows people wearing face masks, amid concerns of the Covid-19 coronavirus, practising Tai Chi at a park in Beijing. (Wang Zhao/AFP)

The TCM way to staying healthy amid the pandemic

Anticipating a long-drawn-out fight against Covid-19, Prof Goh Chye Tee says it is now more important than ever, to strengthen one’s immune system. In the language of traditional Chinese medicine,  that means getting “vital qi” or the body’s means to fight diseases, to surpass “evil qi” or pathogenic elements.  
In this photo taken on 26 May 2020, a traditional Chinese medicine staff is making a presciption used to remove dampness in the body at the affiliated hospital of Changchun University of Chinese Medicine in Jilin, China. (Zhang Yao/CNS)

The TCM way to Covid-19: Treat the body, not the virus

Professor Goh Chye Tee from Nanyang Technological University explains the treatment protocols recommended by the Chinese authorities in using traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) remedies in the treatment of Covid-19. He posits that one path to health can be a person-centric approach, where the focus lies on restoring balance in the body, rather than the virus that is making the attack.