Han Heyuan

Senior Research Fellow and Vice-Chairman, Guangdong Association of Productivity Science; Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute of Southern Governance, Guangzhou University

Han Heyuan is a Senior Research Fellow and Vice-Chairman of the Guangdong Association of Productivity Science, and a Distinguished Research Fellow at the Institute of Southern Governance, Guangzhou University. His latest book is The Road To Healthy Economic Growth in China (《通往正确之路——未来中国经济增长靠什么》), 2017.

A mother and her baby play on a slide at Wukesong shopping district in Beijing, China on 11 May 2021. (Noel Celis/AFP)

China’s rising property prices have serious social consequences

Han Heyuan asserts that rising property prices in China are not just the “biggest grey rhino” in terms of financial risks as some policymakers have said, but also a catalyst for a slew of development and social issues such as the lack of entrepreneurs, negative attitudes to work, and falling birth rates.