Helena Wisbert

Helena Wisbert

Professor for Automotive Economics, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences in Wolfsburg, Germany; Director, Center Automotive Research (CAR-Institute) in Duisburg, Germany

Prof. Dr. Helena Wisbert is Professor for Automotive Economics at Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Wolfsburg, Germany and Director of Center Automotive Research (CAR-Institute) in Duisburg, Germany. Her main research interest is in studying how the digital transformation process of the automotive industry and the electrification of private transport are accelerating each other and opening up options for sustainable mobility solutions. 


A Volkswagen AG automobile charges at a Belib' public electric vehicle charging station in Paris, France, on 14 February 2024. (Benjamin Girette/Bloomberg)

How German automakers maintain their edge over Chinese EV brands

German academic Helena Wisbert analyses how strong European consumer appetites are for electric cars, in particular as new entrants from China and the US seek to get a slice of the pie. She asks: have competitors, who have equipped their vehicles with numerous digital features, AI-supported voice control and a variety of third-party applications, misunderstood the German market?