Ho Kok Ho

Ho Kok Ho

Medical Doctor and Postgraduate, Clinical Psychology

Dr Ho graduated from Imperial College London with an honours bachelor’s degree and subsequently completed medical school at the University of Sydney, Australia. He has an avid interest in psychological theories and how they interface with interpersonal and societal issues. His areas of focus include youth mental health and suicidology with the aim of understanding how the subconscious mind influences the health trajectories of youths and suicidal individuals. He looks forward to helping vulnerable people achieve the best they can in life, one step at a time.


Taiwanese host Mickey Huang is facing sexual assault allegations amid a #MeToo wave sweeping across Taiwan. (CNS)

#MeToo in Taiwan: Why public opinion matters

While it is easy for public commentators to lash out at perpetrators and victims alike in #MeToo cases, the psychological factors behind each case are complex. Would angry bashing tamp down our empathy for the afflicted in rooting out the underlaying issues behind sexual assault?