Huang Yuan


Huang Yuan is an academic focusing on comparative studies in Asian and Western origins and human societies, the philosophical basis of the rejuvenation of the Chinese people, partisan governance and changes in social and national governance, global governance, and China-US relations.

Chinese paramilitary policemen stand guard on a street in Shanghai, China, on 5 October 2021. (Hector Retamal/AFP)

Can China find its way amid internal and external challenges?

Chinese academic Huang Yuan says the recent Summit for Democracy is part of the US's strategic efforts to create a democratic alliance against China. The US's united front is swiftly changing China's external environment. Meanwhile, China is also facing challenges in further modernising its governance system. Huang describes China's internal and external battles and asks if the Asian giant will be able to move forward and contribute to humanity in the future, like what the US has done in the past.