Jack Huang

Consultant and social entrepreneur

Jack holds an MA degree from SOAS, University of London and has experience in the areas of innovation, communication, information technology, blockchain, and economic affairs. Since 2015, he has worked with various UN offices and peacekeeping missions. He is also an active social entrepreneur and a columnist for online mainstream media in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Soldiers wait for buses to return back to their base, at Liberty Square in Taipei, Taiwan, 16 May 2021. (Ann Wang/Reuters)

Taiwanese youth: Taiwan not the 'most dangerous place on earth'

People often compare Taiwan and mainland China, and even the Taiwanese knock themselves for lagging behind, especially in terms of economy and business. One frequent comment is that Taiwan is content with “small blessings”. Social entrepreneur and columnist Jack Huang disagrees, saying that the youth in Taiwan are channelling their energy into worthy causes and working hard towards building an inclusive society and a better world for everyone.