Javed Noorani

Javed Noorani


Javed Noorani has an MA in conflict analysis. Noorani started his career with Integrity Watch Afghanistan. He later worked with an international company and wrote the National Human Development Report with UNDP Afghanistan. Noorani has several national and international publications on the mining sector of Afghanistan. He has been a strong proponent of sustainable development. He has advocated for transparency in the mining sector and inclusive development, and is one of the lead resource persons on Afghanistan’s mining sector. His work is referred to by researchers and he is quoted on the subject by major global media outlets.


Afghan security personnel guard the inauguration ceremony of an iron ore mine, at Ghurian district in Herat province, Afghanistan, on 9 November 2023. (Mohsen Karimi/AFP)

Chain reaction of corruption is hurting Afghanistan's mining industry

Researcher Javed Noorani gives his assessment on the recent awarding of a contract in the Nuraba-Samti mine to an Afghan-Chinese joint venture, and comments on the wider cycle of corruption in Afghanistan's mining sector which may end up hurting the Afghan administration and dozens of small-scale Chinese developers.