John Lee

John Lee

Director, East-West Futures

John Lee is the director of East-West Futures, an outfit that provides research and commentary services in political and risk analysis of China’s political economy and foreign policy, focusing on the global impacts of China’s digital technology industries and cyberspace governance system. Based in Europe and having previously worked for the Australian government, John’s analysis is informed by a sophisticated understanding of the political, business and security environments in the EU, Australia and East-Southeast Asia. His areas of expertise include China’s semiconductor-related industries and their global relations; China’s cyberspace governance and data regulatory regime; and future telecommunications networks and the Internet of Things.

Despite impact of US chip controls on China, China’s role in the global electronics sector, and the emerging technology stacks built upon it, will not be easily crippled. (Pixabay)

Will US chip controls work on China?

Analyst John Lee assesses the impact of US chip controls on China, pointing out the little likelihood of complete decoupling, especially in areas out of high-end chips. Despite the restrictions, China has options of its own but the tides could change at any minute in this “competition to win the 21st century”.