John Lim Chuan-Tiong

John Lim Chuan-Tiong


John Lim Chuan-Tiong is a researcher on East Asian and International relations and holds a JD from the University of Tokyo. He is an academic at Academia Sinica and a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Harvard University.

Residents queue at a Covid-19 testing station in Shanghai, China, on 6 November 2022. China will “unswervingly” adhere to its current Covid-19 controls as the country faces increasingly serious outbreaks, health officials said, damping hopes that Beijing will ease its stringent policies that have put cities and factories under prolonged lockdowns. (Qilai Shen/Bloomberg)

Why ‘China model’ for modernisation cannot be replicated in other countries

China has often highlighted the success of China-style modernisation, including during the recently concluded 20th Party Congress. Researcher John Lim Chuan-Tiong looks at how policies have been implemented in China, and questions whether China’s model can be replicated in other nations and whether people outside of China would want to replicate such a system.