Justin Zhang

Justin Zhang

Journalist, Courrier International

Justin Zhang is one of the few Asians in French media. He has been a journalist since 2007 with Courrier International under the Le Monde group. He is a graduate of Panthéon-Assas University Paris II and the Institut Francais de Presse, and has published articles on China and the Chinese community in Le Monde Diplomatique, M, and other media.

People walk in the Montorgueil street in Paris, France, 25 February 2021. (Sarah Meyssonnier/Reuters)

French cultural and academic institutions alarmed by China's influence

Recent incidents in France’s academic and cultural arenas are making the French take notice of what they perceive as China’s attempts to exert its influence, and there are growing calls for institutions and individuals to maintain independence. France-based journalist Justin Zhang explores the issue.