Kazuto Suzuki

Kazuto Suzuki

Professor, University of Tokyo

Kazuto Suzuki is a professor at the University of Tokyo, with a PhD from the University of Sussex’s European Institute in the UK in 2000. His area of expertise is science and technology policy in international politics and economy. He was previously a professor at Hokkaido University. Previous publications include Space Development and International Politics.

Taliban fighters patrol along a road on the backdrop of a mural painted on the wall of a flyover in Kabul on 26 September 2021. (Hoshang Hashimi/AFP)

Japanese academic: Japan's role in Afghanistan after US withdrawal

Japanese academic Kazuto Suzuki observes conflicting approaches in how the West and China are handling Afghanistan matters after the Taliban takeover. He says while Japan had made some headway in helping to eliminate the Taliban and build up the country, its progress was disrupted by the US's withdrawal from Afghanistan and it now has to redefine its modus operandi in the changed landscape. How can Japan play a role now in building better lives for the people of Afghanistan?