Lee Guan Kin

Lee Guan Kin


Dr Lee Guan Kin is the founding head of the Division of Chinese (中文系) and the former director and senior distinguished research fellow of the Centre for Chinese Language and Culture at Nanyang Technological University.

Movie still: A Year Of No Significance starring Peter Yu. (Singapore International Film Festival)

A Year of No Significance: Portraying the grey life of a Nantah graduate?

Lee Guan Kin, a Nanyang University (Nantah) graduate herself, was happy to see a local film made about the life and times of a Nantah graduate in the year 1979, when “Chinese” elements seemed to be fading from society. But she worries that the grey life depicted may miss the true plot: Nantah graduates with grit and spirit went on to become prominent people in society, not in spite of their education and upbringing, but because of it.