Leung Man-tao

Leung Man-tao

Writer, political commentator

Leung Man-tao is a writer, critic, and TV host from Hong Kong. He is a columnist in various newspapers across Malaysia, Mainland China, and Hong Kong, including Ming Pao, Southern Metropolis Daily, and Southern Weekly.

Li Wenliang sounded the alarm about Covid-19, but paid with his life. (Internet)

Unhappy the land that is in need of heroes

Hong Kong political commentator Leung Man-tao reflects on the dearth of truth in mainland Chinese society as he grieves the passing of Dr Li Wenliang. He remembers the men and women who have gallantly pursued truth in the face of adversity and believes that we can all learn to do the same.
An anti-government demonstrator wearing a Guy Fawkes mask takes part in a protest at Edinburgh Place in Hong Kong on 12 January 2020. (Navesh Chitrakar/Reuters)

Realism and common sense necessary in Hong Kong and mainland China

Hong Kong political commentator Leung Man-tao looks back in Chinese modern history and recent happenings to conclude that Chinese people often disregard realism and common sense when faced with nationwide campaigns. He bids the authorities in Hong Kong to refrain from letting re-election hopes cloud their larger mission of taking Hong Kong to greater heights. He also pleads with Hong Kongers to listen to reason, and not let political waves from one side or the other ruin all that is good about Hong Kong.
Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (L) and Emperor Naruhito (C) during the Emperor's enthronement ceremony at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo. Note Mr Abe's tailcoat and the Emperor's robe. (AFP)

Perfect harmony: The Japanese emperor’s yellow robe and the prime minister’s tailcoat

​Japan is able to seamlessly meld tradition with modernity, Hong Kong political commentator Leung Man-tao observes. How do the Japanese decide what are the things to treasure and what are the things to cast off? How is it that China has not been able to do the same as well as Japan? Leung shares his thoughts after reading writer Lo Fung’s book, Geopolitical Japan.
Is every comment and action an indication of support for independence for Hong Kong? (Kai Pfaffenbach/REUTERS)

OB Marker no more: The problematic "Independence" label (Part II)

Political commentator Leung Man-tao ruminates on the changing definitions of the "independence for Hong Kong" label. He worries that misuse of the term in times of instability will only diminish its significance as a political OB marker and further weaken the authority's power to get things done.
A march in Causeway Bay, in solidarity with the student protester who got shot by police with live ammunition in Hong Kong, China. (Susana Vera/Reuters)

Hong Kong will not be sacrificed: The problematic "Independence" label (Part I)

After over 100 days of protests in Hong Kong, the phrase "Hong Kong independence" has been raised, not just in Hong Kong itself, but also in Taiwan. But what does that concept really entail, and is it truly feasible? Hong Kong political commentator Leung Man-tao casts doubts on the sincerity of some Taiwanese supporters of the Hong Kong movement.
How would the way towards the end be paved? (Mohd Rasfan / AFP)

So begins the ENDgame

Hong Kong is in turmoil. What would the trajectory towards the final scenario be like? Can the whole affair come to a good end? Influential Hong Kong political commentator Leung Man-tao believes that possibility has evaporated completely.