Lew Mon-hung

Lew Mon-hung

Businessman and former member of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference

Lew Mon-hung is a Hong Kong businessman and consultant to the Preparatory Group of the Belt and Road Development Bank. He previously served as a member of the 11th Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee and a member of the Commission on Strategic Development of the Hong Kong SAR. He was also a part-time consultant to the Central Policy Unit of the Hong Kong SAR government.

Billionaire Li Ka-shing, chair of Cheung Kong (Holdings) Ltd. and Hutchison Whampoa Ltd., speaks during a news conference in Hong Kong, China, on 26 March 2013. (Jerome Favre/Bloomberg)

Hong Kong commentator: My take on Li Ka-shing's contributions to Hong Kong

Li Ka-shing is familiar to many as an icon of Hong Kong entrepreneurs. Businessman Lew Mon-hung examines Li’s life-long contributions as the legend approaches his 95th birthday.
People use their mobile phones outside a closed down business in Hong Kong on 1 November 2022. (Peter Parks/AFP)

Hong Kong's left turn could hit its financial centre status

Commentator Lew Mon-hung explores seven contradictions that he observes in the “one country, two systems” policy for Hong Kong, including the stand on the private sector, governance issues, and the dynamic zero-Covid policy. All of these factors have had an impact on Hong Kong, and it remains to be seen how these points will be addressed to ensure the special administrative region’s growth.
Visitors are seen silhouetted against a Chinese Communist Party flag displayed at the Museum of the Communist Party of China in Beijing, China, 3 September 2022. (Florence Lo/Reuters)

China's far-left narratives are leading the country into a dead end

Commentator Lew Mon-hung notes that recent public opinion in China has been advocating a closed-door policy, sharply diverting away from the national policy of reform and opening up taken in 1978. Will China change course and reverse its decades-long process?
A family looks at the Forbidden City closed due to Covid-19 outbreak in Beijing on 17 May 2022. (Wang Zhao/AFP)

China's response to Ukraine war calls its values into question

Hong Kong businessman and political figure Lew Mon-hung notes that China used to have a strong sense of right and wrong, with values of righteousness and morality. However, looking at China’s reaction to the war in Ukraine, it seems that these values have been abandoned. And this can only lead to a shift in the progress that China has made over the past 40 years.
John Lee, Hong Kong's former chief secretary, poses for the media ahead of submitting his application for the upcoming Chief Executive election in Hong Kong, China, on 13 April 2022. (Lam Yik/Bloomberg)

Why John Lee is Beijing's top pick for Hong Kong's next chief executive

Former Chief Secretary for Administration John Lee is running for Hong Kong's top job as chief executive and is the only candidate who has Beijing's approval. Hong Kong businessman and political figure, Lew Mon-hung, takes a look at why Lee is Beijing's preferred choice, taking into account Beijing's view of the current global situation and China's priorities.