Liu Chin-tsai

Assistant Professor, Department of Public Affairs, Fo Guang University

Dr Liu Chin-tsai is an Assistant Professor of the Department of Public Affairs at Fo Guang University. His main research interests include contemporary Chinese politics, local election and governance, China studies, and globalisation and Cross-Strait relations.

Amid tough battling between China and Taiwan in containing the Covid-19 outbreak, China is not changing its stance towards Taiwan. This photo taken on 23 February 2020 shows Taiwan flags hung along a street in the Chinatown district in Yokohama. (Philip Fong/AFP)

Mainland China and Taiwan: Game of push and pull continues amid the Covid-19 epidemic

With “Island encirclement” drills over Taiwan airspace, verbal exchanges and other moves, China reiterates its firm stance against independence for Taiwan. The latter, meanwhile, continues to find wiggle room by growing its international space.