Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee

Journalist, Lianhe Zaobao

Michelle Lee joined the Zaobao business desk in 2017 and has covered stories related to property investment, stock markets and financial management. Before that, she was in the Zaobao local news desk covering a wide variety of topics including tourism, environment, technology and consumerism.


BYD Co. E5 electric vehicles in taxi livery at a lot in Shenzhen, China, on 17 January 2024. (Qilai Shen/Bloomberg)

[Big read] Unseating China? The global race to make cheaper and better EVs

Car manufacturers from Europe, America, Japan, and South Korea not only have to contend with the intense competition from Chinese electric vehicles (EVs), but also with the fallout from the drop in global EV demand. We take a look at what various parties are doing to safeguard their market shares.