Muhammad Habib Abiyan Dzakwan

Muhammad Habib Abiyan Dzakwan

Researcher, Department of International Relations; Fellow, Disaster Management Research Unit, CSIS Indonesia

Muhammad Habib Abiyan Dzakwan is a researcher at the Department of International Relations and a fellow in the Disaster Management Research Unit, CSIS Indonesia. His research areas cover sustainable development, critical minerals, and emerging technologies.

Workers monitor the nickel melting process at a nickel smelter of PT Vale Tbk in Sorowako, South Sulawesi province, Indonesia, 30 March 2023. (Ajeng Dinar Ulfiana/Reuters)

Indonesia's Chinese investment-dominated nickel industry: Social and environmental safeguards needed

Acknowledged as a key industry in the National Mid-Term Development Plan 2015-2019, Indonesia's nickel industry has witnessed significant investments, especially from China. While the industry faced a boom from the Russian-Ukraine conflict and the easing of China’s zero-Covid policy, the unchecked growth of Class 2 nickel production from Indonesia could cause oversupply in global markets and suppress the commodity’s price. In crafting new policies, Indonesia must also prioritise stronger social and environmental safeguards.