Pang Kia Nian

Pang Kia Nian

Associate Business Editor, Chinese Media Group Newshub

Pang Kia Nian joined SPH Chinese Media Group Newshub's Business Desk in Feb 2020. He mainly writes about the Singapore economy, stocks and investment. Before that, he was a Chinese current affairs programne editor at Mediacorp, covering international politics and current affairs.

The Singapore skyline, 31 March 2021. (Roslan Rahman/AFP)

Rich China tycoons park family offices in Singapore

Associate business editor Pang Kia Nian takes a look at the increasing number of wealthy Chinese setting up single family offices (SFOs) — entities that manage assets for one family and is wholly owned or controlled by members of the same family — in Singapore. What makes Singapore an attractive place for high-net-worth individuals to park their offshore assets?