Peng Chang

Peng Chang

Postgraduate Student, Nanyang Technological University

Peng Chang is a postgraduate student in managerial economics at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Before that, he had been with LG Electronics, Sany Group, Xiangjiang Development Group, and other companies. His main research interests include investment bank, financial development, corporate governance, and human capital management.

A man wearing a protective mask is seen inside the Shanghai Stock Exchange building at the Pudong financial district in Shanghai, China, 28 February 2020. (Aly Song/Reuters)

Digitalisation: How China’s smaller investment banks could compete with big foreign players

The recent accelerated opening up of China’s capital market has presented a challenge to investment banks in China, which may have seen their role marginalised or bypassed by major foreign players who have international experience and are highly capitalised and better managed. Academics Pei Sai Fan and Peng Chang suggest how investment banks in China can compete and stay relevant.