Peng Nian

Associate Research Fellow, National Institute for South China Sea Studies

Dr Peng Nian is an associate research fellow at the National Institute for South China Sea Studies (NISCSS), China, and non-resident fellow at Institute for China-America Studies (ICAS), US. He obtained his PhD in international relations from the Hong Kong Baptist University. His main research interests are in the areas of China-Southeast (South) Asian relations, Sino-US relations, and maritime security of the Indo-Pacific region. He authored the book A Study on Indo-Myanmar Relations after the Cold-War (Beijing: Current Affairs Press, 2017).

Rescue workers and onlookers gather around a wreck after a bus plunged into a ravine following a bomb explosion, which killed 13 people including nine Chinese workers, in the Kohistan district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, Pakistan on 14 July 2021. (STR/AFP)

Chinese researcher: How to protect the BRI and keep Chinese enterprises overseas safe

As an increasing number of Chinese enterprises venture overseas and the BRI project continues its expansion, Peng Nian notes the rise in attacks targeted against these projects. He says much can be done to strengthen the safety awareness of Chinese enterprises, especially as many of them operate in unfamiliar or far-flung locations.
A protester holds a flare as others make the three-finger salute during a demonstration against the military coup in Yangon on 22 June 2021. (STR/AFP)

Chinese researcher: Why China avoids taking a strong stand on Myanmar

Since the military coup in Myanmar in February, China has been criticised by the West for not taking a strong stand against the situation. Chinese researcher Peng Nian explains China's difficult position and its hope for ASEAN to successfully mitigate the problem. What China can do now is to assist Myanmar with the fight against the pandemic, he says.
As the US pulls out of certain international organisations, China stands ready to take its place. (iStock)

New battleground for China-US competition: International organisations

From bilateral and multilateral diplomatic situations, to international economic organisations and non-economic organisations, the competition between China and the US has intensified in a different way during the pandemic, as new battlegrounds for influence are created. Chinese researcher Peng Nian presents the possible areas that the US and China might continue to clash, even after the pandemic eases.
Qing Dynasty, All Nations Come to Pay Tribute (《万国来朝图》), partial, The Palace Museum. (Internet)

The tributary system resurrected in Southeast Asia?

Chinese researcher Peng Nian, from the National Institute for South China Sea Studies in China, considers whether China is really eager to revive a master-subordinate relationship with its former tributary states.