A "For Sale" sign displayed in front of a home on 22 February 2023 in Miami, Florida, US. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images/AFP)

Woe to Chinese property buyers in the US: China-US tensions trickling to grassroots

US academic Wu Guo reasons that the recent furore ignited by a draft Texas bill proposing to restrict Chinese buyers from buying property shows that US-China mistrust and jousting has seeped into local communities.
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivers the government work report on 5 March 2023 at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China. (CNS)

Li Keqiang’s departure means political leaders of Xi’s generation have all but retired

Li Keqiang delivered his last government work report on 5 March in his capacity as Chinese premier, a role he had held for a decade. With his departure from the scene comes the retreat of fellow CYL faction cadres, and the retirement of the political leaders of Xi’s generation. Zaobao correspondent Yu Zeyuan has the details.
A woman walks past a billboard showing Chinese President Xi Jinping with a slogan which reads "Remain true to our original aspiration and keep our mission firmly in mind" in Beijing on 28 February 2023. (Jade Gao/AFP)

Possible reforms to security agencies expose CCP's anxiety over external and internal risks

The 20th Party Congress set the direction for the Chinese Communist Party, but it is the upcoming Two Sessions that measures will be discussed and put into action. The highlight is the likely reforms to national security agencies, as well as finance and other sectors.
A 3D printed Tik Tok logo is seen in front of a US flag in this illustration taken 6 October 2020. (Dado Ruvic/Illustration/File Photo/Reuters)

Will the US ban TikTok completely?

The US House Committee on Foreign Affairs has advanced a bill in Congress potentially giving the Biden administration power to ban TikTok in the US. Zaobao’s China Desk weighs up the various opinions discussing the issue.
A general view of a Chinese military vessel docked at the port in Richards Bay on 22 February 2023, during a 10-day joint military exercise with Russia and South Africa. (Guillen Sartorio/AFP)

The Chinese offer of a Global Security Initiative: Anything new?

Last week, the Chinese foreign ministry launched "The Global Security Initiative Concept Paper", following from the Boao Forum for Asia in April 2022, when Chinese President Xi Jinping raised the concept of a Global Security Initiative, which includes respecting the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all countries, abiding by the UN Charter, and taking the legitimate security concerns of all countries seriously. What does all this mean for ASEAN?
A local resident walks past a building destroyed by shelling, in Kupiansk, Kharkiv region, Ukraine, on 13 February 2023. (Sergey Bobok/AFP)

Is China’s peace plan without merit?

Despite China’s proposal for peace talks amid the Russia-Ukraine war, the US continues to be wary of China's intentions. Nonetheless, Russia, Ukraine and Europe have expressed support for China’s proposal to varying degrees, which signals positive progress. Lianhe Zaobao correspondent Yu Zeyuan notes that eventually, peace talks will take place.
Children share candy floss as they visit a hutong (alley) in Beijing, China, on 31 January 2023. (Wang Zhao/AFP)

Population decline could be a good thing for China

Population decline can actually bring multiple dividends, contrary to popular belief, says East Asian Institute senior research fellow Lance Gore. Instead of looking for solutions to economic crises and population decline that are capitalist in nature and do not address the root causes, this is an opportunity to explore how socialism in China can deliver solutions that turn crisis into opportunity.
A bed is pictured in a house destroyed during the months of Russian occupation in the village of Posad-Pokrovske, amid Russia's invasion of Ukraine, northwest of the city of Kherson, Ukraine, 30 January 2023. (Nacho Doce/Reuters)

China’s 'Russia-Ukraine war dilemma' is heightening risk of conflict in Taiwan Strait

As the war in Ukraine enters its second year, Zaobao’s associate editor Han Yong Hong takes a look at the impact of the conflict on Asia, including in the Taiwan Strait. Beijing’s response will be crucial.
Taiwan's armed forces hold two days of routine drills to show combat readiness ahead of Lunar New Year holidays at a military base in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, 11 January 2023. (Ann Wang/Reuters)

Southeast Asians mull over a Taiwan conflict: Big concerns but limited choices

In the event of hostilities in the Taiwan Strait, Southeast Asian countries will face a difficult dilemma. Their latitude for manoeuvre will be limited, particularly as the Philippines, a key ASEAN member and a US treaty ally, prepares to provide base access to the US in such a contingency.