Qiao Xinsheng

Professor, Zhongnan University of Economics and Law

Qiao Xinsheng is a professor at Zhongnan University of Economics and Law and local director of China Society for Human Rights Studies and The Law Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Straits. He was also the director of the university's economic law research centre and social development research centre. His research interests lie in Chinese law and globalisation, including major power relations and China's relations with its neighbouring countries. He is also author of multiple books on economic law, legal issues of business management, and humanity and law.

Motorists wearing face masks as a preventive measure against the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus travel along a busy traffic intersection in Hanoi on 13 May 2020. (Manan Vatsyayana/AFP)

China should be worried about political developments in Vietnam, not economic rivalry

Vietnam is fast becoming the factory of the world and is well-placed to capitalise on changes to global supply chains. Chinese academic Qiao Xinsheng feels that contrary to popular opinion, though Vietnam is striving to be the fastest growing economy in Southeast Asia, it is not going to be an economic threat to China any time soon. What China should look out for, is how the Vietnam government negotiates domestic political and social reforms, and whether the Communist Party of Vietnam is able to avoid the kind of tragedy that befell the Communist Party of the Soviet Union.