Qinglian He

Qinglian He

Writer and commentator

Qinglian He is a well-known writer who now lives in the US. She holds a Master degree from Fudan University in Shanghai in 1988, and was a chief reporter, economics columnist and deputy director of editorial department of Shenzhen Legal Daily. She is the author of several books on China, some of which have been translated into Japanese. In 1999, she was honoured by Life Weekly as one of the 25 most influential figures in China, and by Business Week International Editions as one of the Stars of Asia. She now works as a commentator for Australian Special Broadcasting Services, Radio Free Asia and Forward Media of Taiwan.

Migrants look for a way past concertina wire after crossing the US-Mexico border through the Rio Grande River into El Paso, Texas, seen from Ciudad Juarez, Chihuahua state, Mexico, on 8 February 2024. (Justin Hamel/Bloomberg)

The fight over what US immigration policy should look like

Commentator He Qinglian notes that Operation Lone Star launched by Texas governor Greg Abbott — who has refused to remove the wire fence at the Mexico border — is a signal to the Biden administration and also the Supreme Court about what the people truly desire in terms of immigration policy.
Stickers at a polling station in Rock Hill, South Carolina, US, on 3 February 2024. Democrats are holding their primary on February 3, and while Biden is expected to win, he is using the race as a chance to quiet his critics and demonstrate strength among key voter groups. (Grant Baldwin/Bloomberg)

2024 US election: A face-off between common sense and counterintuition

US-based economist He Qinglian notes that with former US President Donald Trump likely to be the Republican candidate in the next US presidential elections, perhaps it is worth taking another look at who his supporters are, as well as the effects of the Democratic policies of the last four years.