Ren Qi

Ren Qi

Journalist, Lianhe Zaobao

Ren Qi is a journalist with Lianhe Zaobao's China Desk, reporting on social, political, and economic news in the Greater China region, as well as breaking news in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan. He also writes on China's relationships with Southeast Asian countries. He has covered major events such as the 2018 Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore, and interviewed prominent members of Singapore's fourth generation leaders.

Mochtar Riady, founder of Lippo Group. (SPH)

Lippo Group founder Mochtar Riady: Globalisation without China is unrealistic

Nonagenarian Mochtar Riady, founder of Lippo Group in Indonesia, shared his views on “New Challenges and Opportunities in a Post-Covid-19 World” at a webinar yesterday. He believes that with its combined strength, ASEAN can weather any potential headwinds of deglobalisation. And contrary to what others predict, China’s place in global supply chains is firmly anchored and the country looks set to play a leading role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution.
Zhang Yuting, aged 9, with her mother.

Ordinary people, extraordinary life (Part V): Zhang Yuting

(Video and text) As China moves forward, some young people want a simple life close to nature, even as they are plugged into the world of online clicks and likes.