Shaun Hoang

Shaun Hoang

Postgraduate student in Urban Spatial Science, University College of London, UK

Shaun Hoang was a graduate of Trinity College in Connecticut,, focused on Urban Studies in 2012, and has been a senior enterprise solutions consultant at Google Asia-Pacific. He is currently pursuing a postgraduate degree in Urban Spatial Science at the University College of London, UK. His areas of interest are urban mobility, digital cartography, and innovative applications of geospatial data science for enterprises.

Passengers arriving at Mohan Station, in Yunnan province, which is the end of the Chinese section of the Laos-China Railway. (SPH Media)

Riding the China-Laos Railway: Landlocked Laos gets connected to China and beyond

As the China-Laos Railway (CLR) celebrates its second anniversary on 3 December, academic Chen Xiangming and postgraduate student Shaun Hoang offer a fresh account of the transformative consequences of the China-built railway. They ask: what happens when a small and landlocked country with hardly any railway history launches a new passenger-freight railway as its transformative transport artery?