Song Zhaoli

Song Zhaoli

Associate professor, Department of Management & Organisation, NUS Business School

Song Zhaoli is an associate professor with the Department of Management & Organisation at the National University of Singapore (NUS) Business School. His research areas include behaviour genetics, leadership, social interactions, newcomer socialisation, job search and unemployment experience, momentary emotional experience, work-family boundary, Chinese management, research design and methods.

Attendees browse as a humanoid robot stands in the exhibition display area at the World AI Conference in Shanghai, 9 July 2020. (Qilai Shen/Bloomberg)

'Kiasu' Singapore, 'yao mianzi' China, and 'leela' India: How does culture influence innovation?

In a study conducted by academics from the NUS Business School surveying the China, India, and Singapore landscape, respondents often described the Chinese as disciplined and focused, Singaporeans as structured, fearing failure and sticking to the plan, and Indians as creative, flexible and frugal. While it is not the only or most pertinent factor, cultural traits matter when it comes to managing teams and maximising their potential to innovate.