Sukegawa Seiya

Professor, Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Kokushikan University

Seiya Sukegawa is a professor at the Faculty of Political Science and Economics, Kokushikan University. He graduated from Kyushu University, earning his PhD in Economics. He specialises in international economics, free trade agreements/economic partnership agreements, and the ASEAN Economic Community. After working at JETRO, he became an associate professor in 2017 and has been in his current position since 2020. His publications include Strategies for the Utilization of Asian FTAs by Japanese Companies: Guidelines for the Utilization of FTAs in the TPP Era (co-authored).

This picture taken on 7 July 2021 shows vehicles in Tokyo. (Philip Fong/AFP)

Covid-19 pandemic: Supply chain disruptions in Southeast Asia affecting Japan and the world

In 2020, Japan was ASEAN’s largest export partner of auto parts, making up 17.8% of ASEAN's exports, followed by the US (15.4%) and China (10.2%). However, with the onslaught of the Delta variant of Covid-19 this year, many Southeast Asian countries have imposed factory operation restrictions that have disrupted the supply chain, with Japanese firm Toyota Motor suffering the greatest impact. Japanese academic Sukegawa Seiya examines the issue.