People look at the new iPhone 15 Pro as Apple's new iPhone 15 officially goes on sale across China at an Apple store in Shanghai, China, 22 September 2023. (Aly Song/Reuters)

Apple's bid to pull off a rebound in the Chinese market

Chinese consumer interest in Apple iPhones is waning as competitors eat away at its market share. Analysts also believe that the lack of innovation in the new releases has led to declining sales. Meanwhile, Chinese manufacturers remain an important part of the production of Apple products, with no viable replacement in sight. Lianhe Zaobao journalist Daryl Lim speaks with experts and academics to find out more about Apple’s place in China.
Figurines with computers and smartphones are seen in front of the words "Artificial Intelligence AI" in this illustration taken 19 February 2024. (Dado Ruvic/Illustration/Reuters)

China looks to Southeast Asia for AI edge

Amid ongoing US-China AI rivalry, China recognises the importance of global partnerships and has shifted its focus towards Southeast Asian countries, say academics Shaleen Khanal and Zhang Hongzhou.
Attendees at the Semicon China expo in Shanghai, China, on 20 March 2024. (Qilai Shen/Bloomberg)

China’s AI race is not about expanding users

Technology expert Yin Ruizhi notes that unlike traditional network-based technology, OpenAI-style AI is not as reliant on networks. Thus, compared with the US, China’s development of AI focuses more on technology rather than expanding user base.
People visit a pedestrian street on the Bund in Shanghai, China, on 14 February 2024. (Hector Retamal/AFP)

Attaining 'success': Chinese scholars and their journeys in the US

US academic Wu Guo looks into what makes Chinese scholars a success in the US. Were they already considered a talent in China before heading to the US, or did they become talents only after completing their studies in the US? And while these Chinese scholars have gained recognition in the US, they are still anxious about being “seen” by mainstream American academics and building rapport with their American students.
China’s drugmakers are beginning to feel a thawing breeze, although not without underlying concerns. (SPH Media)

Chinese pharma turns to global deals to cure capital crunch

The uptick in recent deals and global pharmaceutical giants’ growing interests in novel drug development in China has invigorated the industry, yet not without underlying concerns.
People walk through Harvard Yard at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on 12 December 2023. (Joseph Prezioso/AFP)

China-US R&D decoupling detrimental for both countries

Given the US’s firm stance on safeguarding national security, in particular against China, the research and development sector is among the few that have been deeply impacted. Lianhe Zaobao journalist Hai Kexian speaks with academics to find out the severity of this decoupling in research collaboration.
John Taylor, circa 1610, Chandos portrait, National Portrait Gallery. (Wikimedia)

Shakespeare, Su Shi and Tang Xianzu: The dates of birth and death of literary greats

The dates of birth and death of literary greats — especially those who lived centuries ago when the calendar used may not have been the same as we use today — can be confusing and difficult to pin down. Cultural historian Cheng Pei-kai looks at the example of William Shakespeare and several Chinese poets, noting that in the end, perhaps it is not so important whether or not we have an exact date.
The EX Future and Science Museum in Dalian.

Can northeast China revitalise its economy with robotic AI and green energy?

Dalian in China’s Liaoning province is not the first place one would think of in relation to the tech industry, but northeast China — despite the gap in its development compared to other parts of China — hopes to ride the wave of tech development, such as in the area of robotics.
A woman looks at a new iPhone 15 Pro and a Huawei Mate 60 Pro as Apple's new iPhone 15 officially goes on sale across China, at an Apple store in Shanghai, China, on 22 September 2023. (Aly Song/Reuters)

China-US smartphone tech war: Apple losing the Chinese market?

China’s smartphone giants have made great strides over the past decade or so, catching up with companies such as Apple in terms of sales as well as research and development. However, there is still a long way to go for China’s smartphone ecosystems to crack the global market.