Members of Border Angels and migrants demonstrate at the US-Mexico border as part of International Migrants Day in Playas de Tijuana, Baja California State, Mexico, on 18 December 2023. (Guillermo Arias/AFP)

Populism and anti-immigration fervour surges in the West

Taiwanese commentator Chen Kuohsiang notes that populist fervour and anti-immigration sentiments in the US and Europe embolden each other and form a vicious circle, dominating major political issues. This has led to the potential political comeback of former US President Donald Trump and the rise of opposition parties in Europe.
Screenshot of a video showing the argument between British pianist Brendan Kavanagh and a Chinese TV group, with the police entering the scene. (YouTube)

When culture differences create trouble: How to be an 'outsider' in a foreign society

Consultant Ma Haotian takes a look at two recent incidents showing conflict between groups of people from different cultures, one between China and the West, and another between Chinese societies of different places. While Chinese culture is indeed vastly different from British culture, different Chinese communities around the world also live under different political systems and social environments, and have different ways of thinking and behavioural patterns.
Houthi fighters brandish their weapons as they rally during an anti-Israel and anti-US rally in the Houthi-controlled capital Sanaa, Yemen, on 22 January 2024, amid ongoing battles between Israel and Hamas. (Mohammed Huwais/AFP)

[Big read] Global anxiety as Houthis hold Red Sea in chokehold

As the Red Sea crisis goes on, with the Houthis targeting this key shipping route due to various geopolitical factors, logistics companies have to think of alternatives to move goods around the world.
Four thousand US dollars are counted out by a banker counting currency at a bank in Westminster, Colorado, 3 November 2009. (Reuters/Rick Wilking)

Could de-dollarisation develop into an irreversible historical trend?

Zhang Yugui, dean of the School of Economics and Finance at the Shanghai International Studies University, notes that while the renminbi has gained traction as a global currency for trade settlements, investment and as a reserve currency, the US dollar will still maintain its hegemony until 2030. However, the US is most worried that de-dollarisation could develop into an irreversible historical trend.
Military personnel take part in the Double Ten Day celebration ceremony in Taipei, Taiwan, on 10 October 2023. (Carlos Garcia Rawlins/Reuters)

Taiwan presidential election 2024: What truly matters

As the world is set up for a chess match between the global powers, the tussle surrounding the upcoming Taiwan presidential election next year is a preview of what is to come. Commentator Wei Da explores how Taiwan can make decisions at the election that would optimise Taiwan’s long-term and fundamental interests, and draws some lessons from history.
People attend a job fair in Beijing, China, on 19 August 2023. (Jade Gao/AFP)

Why foreign degrees have lost their lustre for Chinese graduates

More than 1.2 million Chinese studying overseas are expected to return home this year, but the hunt for a job this year could be tougher than in past years for these overseas graduates. In the countries where they studied, Chinese graduates are also finding it hard to secure a job. With global economic growth slowing and unemployment rising, some countries have accelerated the pace of stabilising their job markets this year, including tightening visa rules.
Children sit in a classroom on their first day of school at Heath Mount, amid the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (Covid-19), in Watton at Stone, the UK, on 3 September 2020. (Andrew Couldridge/Reuters)

Irreconcilable generational conflict is the new struggle of humanity

The pandemic has changed the world, not least in disrupting the lives of young people stuck at home from school, where they not only gain knowledge but also practise the norms of social behaviour. Now that they are back in school, these children who lack social experiences are acting up by engaging in disruptive behaviour in class. Commentator Chip Tsao feels that there is no way back as the gap between the generations widens.
Escape from the British Museum follows the story of a jade teapot, played by Xiatian Meimei, that "escaped" and encountered Chinese reporter Zhang Yong-an, played by Jianbing Guozai, in the UK.

When a Chinese teapot wants to 'escape from the British Museum'

A short video series featuring Chinese artefacts in the British Museum has gone viral on social media in China, with viewers being moved by the story of a teapot trying to go home to China. But even as critics highlight the heavy sentiment and patriotism in the series, it has prompted calls by China and other countries for the British Museum to return artefacts to their rightful owners.
An exterior view of the proposed site for the new China embassy, near Tower Bridge in London, Britain, on 23 June 2023. (Hannah McKay/Reuters)

It's complicated: Relocating the Chinese embassy in UK

The Chinese embassy in the UK seems to have missed the appeal deadline against a local council’s decision to block the embassy’s planned relocation to a historic site near the Tower of London. Will this affair mushroom into a larger diplomatic issue warranting reciprocal measures, with the UK government’s silence on the matter further grating on Beijing?