Ganjar during a site visit to Central Java where an embankment was damaged by high waves. (Ganjar Pranowo/Facebook)

Ganjar Pranowo: Indonesia’s potential presidential candidate stuck between a rock and a hard place

Among the candidates running for Indonesia’s next president, Ganjar Pranowo has emerged as a strong contender. ISEAS academic Leo Suryadinata gives a profile of Ganjar, and examines the factors that would make or break his campaign, including his previous political affiliations and current political efforts.
Indonesia's Defence Minister Prabowo Subianto gestures while attending the Gerindra Party leaders national meeting, in Bogor, Indonesia, 12 August 2022. (Willy Kurniawan/Reuters)

Prabowo Subianto: Indonesia’s controversial presidential candidate

Prabowo has been in Indonesia’s political scene for decades and his chequered past has not deterred him from multiple runs for vice-president and president. Given his support from the conservative and radical Muslims, with a potential running mate that can boost his standing, will Prabowo finally make his mark as Indonesia’s president in the 2024 elections? ISEAS academic Leo Suryadinata gives a profile of this controversial figure.
Soldiers take position during Taiwan's annual "Han Kuang" exercise in New Taipei City, Taiwan, 27 July 2022. (Ann Wang/Reuters)

Who will have the last laugh after Pelosi’s Taiwan visit?

Despite the heightened tensions following US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan, Chinese academic Guo Bingyun notes all three protagonists — the US, China and Taiwan — in the Taiwan Strait issue have made more gains than losses, at least in the short term.
Anies Baswedan at an event in Jakarta, 22 July 2022. (Facebook/Anies Baswedan)

Anies Baswedan: Indonesia’s potential president adept at identity politics

ISEAS academic Leo Suryadinata gives a profile of Anies Baswedan, former education and culture minister of Indonesia, current Jakarta governor, and potential presidential candidate. Will he run, and if he does, what is his platform likely to be?
Fumio Kishida, Japan's prime minister and president of the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), at the upper house election, at the party's headquarters in Tokyo, Japan, 10 July 2022.

Post-Abe: PM Kishida’s challenge to rebuild order within the party

Japan-based academic Zhang Yun notes that despite the political rivalry between Prime Minister Fumio Kishida and the late Shinzo Abe, they were political partners that needed each other. With Abe’s demise, will Kishida be able to rein in the other factions of the Liberal Democratic Party and rebuild a unified order within the party and in the government?
A woman walks past candidates' posters for the July 10, 2022 Upper House election in Tokyo, Japan, 22 June 2022. (Issei Kato/Reuters)

Foreign and security policy in Japan’s upper house elections

With the upper house elections in Japan fast approaching, the various political parties are putting forward their platforms on key issues such as price hikes, foreign and security policy, and constitutional reform. Japanese academic Shin Kawashima examines the factors that will make a difference in how the votes will go, and whether the Kishida administration will manage to secure victory.
People wave Chinese and Hong Kong flags as fishing boats with banners and flags to mark the 25th anniversary of the Handover of Hong Kong from Britain to China sail through Hong Kong’s Victoria harbour on 28 June 2022. (Peter Parks/AFP)

‘New Hong Kongers’ entering politics must act in the interests of all Hong Kongers

Hong Kong’s incoming Chief Executive John Lee has nominated the next batch of senior officials, who have been duly appointed by China’s State Council. Many “new Hong Kongers” are gradually making their way into politics through various channels, facilitated by the central government in Beijing, who are not satisfied with the pro-establishment camp in Hong Kong. But can these new Hong Kongers show that they have the interests of all Hong Kongers at heart?
A girl takes a photograph beneath the flags of Hong Kong and mainland China, in Hong Kong, in this file photo. (CNS)

25 years after the handover: The ‘end for Hong Kong’ or just the beginning?

After the political and societal changes that have taken place in Hong Kong in the 25 years since the handover, what’s left in the aftermath? Zaobao journalist Tai Hing Shing ponders the nostalgic, the bittersweet and the hard realities of Hong Kong’s present and future.
Pedestrians carry shopping bags on Geary street in San Francisco, California, US, on 18 May 2022. (David Paul Morris/Bloomberg)

Can high inflation in the US bring an end to the China-US trade war?

With inflation reaching historic highs, the Biden administration is facing a challenging road ahead of the midterm elections in November. The lifting of some tariffs on China could ease inflation in the US and appease voters, bringing an end to the China-US trade war. However, views in the White House are mixed. Zaobao correspondent Edwin Ong speaks with academics to find out more.