Hong Kong

Children playing among two giant panda lanterns at the Sun Yat Sen Nanyang Memorial Hall, Singapore, in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival, on 28 August 2023. (SPH Media)

Chinese language: The ‘one language, two systems’ road ahead

Given its pluralistic nature, the Chinese language has taken many shapes over the course of history, with its written form and the associated dialects dictated by time and place. Meanwhile, the rise of China and its growing national power have led to the emergence of Chinese as an international language that transcends national borders. Eddie Kuo, Emeritus Professor at NTU, delves into the evolution of the language in the different Chinese-speaking regions.
One of two large inflatable yellow ducks named “Double Ducks” by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman is seen at Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong, China on 12 June 2023. (Isaac Lawrence/AFP)

From East to West: Hong Kong art auction market's changing taste in the internet age

From establishing itself as a congregation of all and a cross pollination of buyers and art, the Hong Kong auction market has matured since 2000. It went from highlighting Asian art and artists to internationalising and conflating East and West, and then becoming a marketplace for a “curated” Asian palate with a huge appetite for Western contemporary works. The market has always ruled, and as the pace of life quickens and social media permeates daily life, so has the need for novelty and peer recognition increased.
People in Central, a financial hub in Hong Kong, China, on 3 July 2023. (May James/AFP)

Hong Kong no longer the 'East-meets-West' financial hub of yesteryear

Hong Kong’s stock market has taken a beating recently, with the number of IPOs and trade volumes in a slump. Amid the different factors causing the poor performance, including the economic situation in mainland China, analysts believe that the Hong Kong Stock Exchange’s long-running focus on the West and oversight of Southeast Asia needs to be addressed. Lianhe Zaobao journalist Liu Sha finds out more.
Hong Kongers in Shenzhen are generally seen in groups, wearing sneakers and carry backpacks. (Photo: Daryl Lim)

Shenzhen has become a shopping paradise for Hong Kongers

Hong Kongers have recently found a nearby spending destination in mainland China: Shenzhen. Since the summer vacation, a steady wave of tourists from Hong Kong has crossed the border to visit the various shopping spots in the mainland Chinese city. Lianhe Zaobao journalist Daryl Lim shares his findings from interviews in Shenzhen.
People flock to the Che Kung Temple in Hong Kong, China, to pray and ask for blessings. (iStock)

Interpreting a divination lot from Hong Kong's Che Kung Temple

Did the wise men understand the profundity of the words “Instead of flattering ao (奥), it is better to flatter zao (灶)” when they used it as an oracle in the drawing of divination lots? Cultural historian Cheng Pei-kai delves into the historical background of the quote from the Analects and what we can learn from it.
People walk past KeeTa advertisements in Mong Kok, Hong Kong, China. (HKCNA)

Food delivery giant Meituan’s foray into Hong Kong: Getting ready for internationalisation

Meituan, mainland China’s food delivery giant, made its first foray outside the mainland to Hong Kong recently, under the brand KeeTa. It faces stiff competition from incumbents Foodpanda and Deliveroo, amid a strong sense of local identity among Hong Kong residents which may affect take-up rates to some extent. Nevertheless, this is a testbed for Meituan’s internationalisation plans. Lianhe Zaobao journalist Tai Hing Shing reports.
A taxi drives under Chinese and Hong Kong flags outside a shopping mall in Hong Kong, China, on 5 July 2023. (Tyrone Siu/Reuters)

Hong Kong’s pursuit of overseas activists could backfire

Lianhe Zaobao journalist Tai Hing Shing looks at the recent issuance of Interpol “red notices” by the Hong Kong government on eight pro-democracy activists living overseas, and what the move signals.
Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing, chairman of CK Hutchison Holdings, meets journalists as he formally retires after the company's Annual General Meeting in Hong Kong, China, on 10 May 2018. (Bobby Yip/Reuters)

All eyes are still on retired Hong Kong tycoon Li Ka-shing

Even after announcing his retirement in 2018, Hong Kong business magnate Li Ka-shing is still making headlines. From the introduction of his granddaughter to the family businesses to the recent divestments of his companies from the UK and Europe, recent developments have led analysts and the public to speculate on mainland China’s economic conditions and whether Li could make a comeback. Lianhe Zaobao’s China Desk delves into the recent developments surrounding Hong Kong’s “Superman”.
An art installation dubbed "Double Ducks", by Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman, is seen at Victoria Harbour, in Hong Kong, China, 9 June 2023. REUTERS/Tyrone Siu

Integrating Hong Kong into China's Greater Bay Area: Easier said than done?

Greater prosperity in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Greater Bay Area would require greater synergising and complementarity between the core leading cities of Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou. But this is easier said than done, especially for Hong Kong. EAI senior research fellow Yu Hong explains.