Tsai Pi-ru

Tsai Pi-ru

Former member of Taiwan's Legislative Yuan

Tsai Pi-ru is a former member of Taiwan's Legislative Yuan. She is one of the founders of the Taiwan People's Party (TPP). She once served as the leader of TPP, and as a consultant to the Taipei City government. In 2020, she became a non-district legislator of the TPP.

Pedestrians crossing a street in Taipei, Taiwan, on 25 July 2023. (Ann Wang/Reuters)

Taiwan media has freedom of the press but...

Just because Taiwan’s press freedom ranks among the world’s best, it does not mean that there is freedom of speech that allows one to spout whatever one wishes. Nor does it mean that Taiwan’s news would be trustworthy, fair and objective, says former member of Taiwan's Legislative Yuan, Tsai Pi-ru. She compares the situations between Taiwan and Singapore and wonders what would be ideal.