Tzu-i Chuang Mullinax

Tzu-i Chuang Mullinax

Food Writer

Author of Anthropologist in the Kitchen, Everybody Wants to Cook, and Simple, Plentiful, Beautiful, Tzu-i Chuang Mullinax is one of the most influential food writers in the Chinese speaking world. She is currently based in Chengdu, China.

The last flight we took from Chengdu to San Francisco. The banner reads: "Chengdu, you can do it! We will be back".

Till the day we reunite: Escape from Chengdu to Washington DC, and then what?

Food writer Chuang Tzu-i, wife of the US consul general in Chengdu, shares her experience leaving Chengdu in haste with her two sons over two months ago, and coping with her life in limbo back in Washington DC.
The rabbit head is the epitome of “compound flavours” — the Sichuan people consume on average 300 million rabbit heads a year. (Internet)

Off with the rabbit’s head!

How would you feel if rows of rabbit teeth and sunken eyes stared at you on a plate? Food writer Tzu-i devours one like a pro in Sichuan.
Mala ooh-la-la! Classic Zigong (自贡) dish, boiled beef slices (水煮牛肉).

Mala ooh-la-la! Uncovering Sichuan cuisine’s myriad of flavours

If you think Sichuan cuisine is just about mala hotpots, you’re in for a surprise as we share the less-known flavours that make Sichuan cuisine uniquely Sichuan.