Walter Woon

Singapore's former Ambassador to Germany and the European Union

Professor Walter Woon is Professor and Chairman, Society for International Law Singapore as well as Singapore's former ambassador to Germany and the European Union. His research interests are in criminal law, company law and international law. He was a Nominated Member of Parliament (NMP) (1992–1996), and legal adviser to the President and Council of Presidential Advisers (1995-1997). Professor Woon was also Singapore's ambassador to Germany (1998-2003) with concurrent accreditation to Greece (2000-2003), and Singapore's ambassador to Belgium (2003-2006) with concurrent accreditation to the European Commission, the Holy See, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. He was Singapore's Attorney-General from 2008-2010. 

This file photo shows soldiers from the Peoples' Liberation Army (PLA) during a flag raising ceremony, 30 June 2019. (Isaac Lawrence/AFP)

China and America: The power of historical memory

Walter Woon, Singapore's former ambassador to Germany and the European Union observes America's ongoing Confrontation with the PRC, a returning power. He says indiscriminate attacks on "the Chinese" will provoke a nationalist backlash fuelled by the memory of historical oppression and racism. This Confrontation will consume resources better utilised to recover from Covid-19. It is necessary that one learns the lessons of history to avoid one's downfall.