Wang Hwee Wen

Wang Hwee Wen

Senior Features Writer, Lianhe Zaobao

Wang Hwee Wen is a senior features writer with Lianhe Zaobao, where she started her career as a reporter after graduation before leaving journalism. After spending 15 years living and working abroad in China and Hong Kong SAR, Hwee Wen rejoined Zaobao in 2023. As a senior features writer, Hwee Wen strives to uncover stories that highlight the transformative changes occurring in society. By exploring the interplay between technology, wealth, and social dynamics, she aims to shed light on the evolving landscape and its implications for individuals and communities.

ChaGee, a Chinese tea brand that set up its first overseas store in Singapore in 2020. (SPH Media)

[Video] Chinese brands making waves in Singapore’s saturated beverage market

Several coffee and tea brands from mainland China, such as Heytea, Mixue, ChaGee and Luckin Coffee, have recently entered Singapore and expanded rapidly. In addition to injecting new vitality into the already-diversified local beverage market, these beverage giants have also brought in their innovative technologies in operations, product development and customer experience. Lianhe Zaobao senior features writer Wang Hwee Wen finds out how these digital innovations from Chinese companies will change the local food and beverage scene in Singapore.
Seatrek Trans founder Asifur Chowdhury (in dark glasses) collecting food to be distributed to vulnerable households, 13 May 2023. (SPH Media)

Wealthy immigrants in Singapore: Contributing back to society is part of the plan

Singapore has become a top choice for high-net-worth individuals (HNWIs) to live in because of its pro-business environment, transparent system, as well as a stable and harmonious society. With increasing numbers of HNWIs immigrating here, many people are curious and concerned about who they are and how HNWIs are contributing to local society and communities. Lianhe Zaobao correspondent Wang Hwee Wen interviews HNWIs from China and Bangladesh to find out about their new lives in Singapore.