Wang Jialun

Wang Jialun

Student, Master of Applied Finance, Singapore Management University (SMU)

Wang Jialun is a student in the Master of Applied Finance Programme at Singapore Management University. He was a junior research associate at International Institute of Green Finance (IIGF), Central University of Finance and Economics in China. His research interests include financial technology, sustainable finance, and venture capital/private equity.

Junior high students wearing face masks attend a class on their first day of returning to school following an outbreak of the novel coronavirus, in Guiyang, Guizhou province, China, 16 March 2020. (cnsphoto via Reuters)

Investing in China: Why didn't anyone foresee the regulatory clampdown on the tutoring industry?

Since China’s regulatory clampdowns in the after-school tutoring sector, Chinese education sector stocks have dropped and analysts have been left wondering how they were caught on the back foot. SMU academic Liang Hao and postgraduate student Wang Jialun discuss the predictive limitations of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) ratings and what the cycle of anxiety that pervades the tutoring industry means for investors.