Wang Zhengxu

Distinguished Professor, School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University

Professor Wang Zhengxu is Distinguished Professor at the School of International Relations and Public Affairs (SIRPA) at Fudan University. He also serves as a research fellow in Fudan University’s Institute of Belt and Road & Global Governance (BRGG), the university’s prominent think tank for international relations and global affairs. He served as a research fellow in the East Asian Institute (EAI) of the National University of Singapore between 2005 and 2007. Later, he was a senior research fellow and then an associate professor at the University of Nottingham, during which he also served as the acting director of the University of Nottingham’s China Policy Institute. He researches on China’s domestic politics and international affairs.

People queue to board a tourist bus before a display showing a US flag in Times Square in New York City, US on 30 July 2021. (Ed Jones/AFP)

Chinese academic: It’s time to make the US safe for the world

The US has said that withdrawing from Afghanistan will give it more bandwidth to deal with Russia and its “serious competitor” China. The latter in particular, has become a key target. Chinese academic Wang Zhengxu asserts that the US should learn from its Afghanistan experience that the military option should only be used in self-defence. If it gets involved in China’s core concerns and insists on building an anti-China alliance, China will bristle and regional instability can only increase.